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UKC CH TJ's Thunder In The Clouds  

(Shamont Rolling Thunder "Roller" x Raptorvale Snowball's Chance "Snow")

Shawnee joined my group in February of 1999.  She was purchased as a new foundation bitch for my kennel.  She had excellent show and breeding potential and has a fabulous personality. She finished her UKC Championship on Saturday, October 21, 2000 in Freehold, NJ.

She presented me with one litter, four lovely puppies, in March 2000. This is her one and only litter as she can never be bred again. Unfortunately, the great time we had finishing her UKC CH was followed quickly by tragedy.  She quickly became very ill and needed to have an emergency SPAY on Wednesday, October 25, 2000 due to a ruptured uterus from a Pyometra infection. She has recovered well and is back to her happy, healthy self.

If anyone says that they can make money breeding and selling dogs, remember this:

Cost of purchasing Shawnee as show/breeding quality: $1500
Cost of eye testing: $25
Cost of stud fee to breed her to an AKC Champion stud: (current prices are higher) $400
Miles put on car to transport Shawnee to Stud: 1150
Gas cost for trip(s): (using an economical Ford Escort, takes approx: 35 gallons total) Current gas prices are higher. $50
Cost of vet appointment to do check-ups on pups after born: (4 pups born) $50
Cost of eye checks on pups at 7 weeks: $80
Cost of vaccines for puppies: (this is with me giving shots myself, vet cost would be higher) $50
Cost of Temperament testing on pups at 7 weeks old: $40
1 pup went to Shawnee's breeder as a "puppy-back" per purchase contract $0
1 pup kept as show/breeding potential $0
2 pups sold at $500 each ($1,000 income)
Cost of emergency vet visit 6 months after pups were born because of elevated temperature and lack of appetite: $110
Cost of emergency spay due to pyometra on the following day: $500
Shawnee sold as a very lovely pet after her recovery for $500 (needed to finish paying vet) ($500 income)

NET LOSS FOR THIS DOG AND HER ONE LITTER (based on the approximate costs and the income listed): $2,455
(Please note, this is not taking into account the cost of feeding Shawnee or her pups, nor does it take into account Shawnee's vaccinations, regular vet visits, or the AKC, UKC, and Canadian shows she was entered in during the time that I owned her)

12/2/2000 -- Shawnee has been placed in a wonderful home and now lives with her daughter, "Molly" (was Tiffany).

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