TJ x Dallas Litter

Born July 5, 2004:

U-CH Triumph Lord of Illusion RN
U-CH Snovali Baccalaureate RA CGC
OW!!  Dallas whelped a little earlier than I expected and had a lot more puppies than I could have hoped for!  At 6:00 am on Monday, July 5, 2004, Dallas began her labor.  She had her first puppy at 7:09 and the last at 9:09.  During those two hours she gave me 7 puppies!

Here is what she gave me:

3 blue merle boys
(1 died at 1.5 days old)
2 tricolor boys
1 blue merle girl
(died at 3 days old)
1 tricolor girl

Unfortunately, the smallest boy, a blue, didn't make it. He was doing real well until he accidentally got laid on.  Oh well...  Anyone who has raised a litter knows that no matter what you do there are some pups you just can't save.  The girl I lost on the third day... She was fine when I went to sleep and when I woke up early the next morning it was already too late for her.

I am currently planning  on growing out both "Maggie" and "Soldier".  Nothing was easy or cut and dry about choosing my show pups from this litter because they are ALL beautiful and it was a really nit-picky thing to choose the best.

"Boomer", "Roman" and "Popper" are in wonderful pet/performance homes.

As you can see from these pictures below, the puppies are ALL flashy!

7 weeks old
Snovali Sonic Boom

  Sorry, he's taken!  
Snovali All-American

  Sorry, I'm keeping him!  
Snovali Roman Candle

  Sorry, he's taken!  
Snovali Night Magic

  Sorry, she's taken!  
Snovali Firecracker

  Sorry, he's taken!  
Click here for pictures at 1 day old
Click here for pictures at 1 & 2 weeks old

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