Stoney x Dallas Litter

born October 3, 2005:

U-CH TouchTones Positive Proof
(maj ptd)
U-CH Snovali Baccalaureate RA CGC


Dallas was bred to "Stoney" who I co-own with a good friend of mine.  I chose him for Dallas because he has a good track record of breedings, hasn't been used extensively, and he cross faults with her well.

Dallas has the attitude, body and overall quality that I want but Stoney has the shorter back and longer neck that Dallas needs. Both are good movers and have nice heads but they both are of very different types so this will be interesting to see what I get.

Dallas gave us a beautiful litter of 8 pups on Monday, October 3.

Here is what she gave us:
2 Blue Merle males
3 Blue Merle females
3 Tricolor females

All pups have now been spoken for, thank you for your interest and watch for future litters.

I will be repeating this breeding on Dallas' next season which will be her last litter before being spayed and retired from my breeding program and then we can concentrate more on her Obedience & Rally career.

Pictures of puppies 11/4/2005 (almost 5 weeks old):
(Snovali Hotter Than July)

Blue Male, Brown eyes
full white collar

Keeping him
(Snovali Master Blaster)

Blue Male, Blue eyes
star on back of neck
Sorry, He's taken...

Blue Female
full white collar
Sorry, She's taken...
(Snovali Unchained Melody)

Blue Female
full white collar, black spot on shoulder
Sorry, She's taken...
(Snovali Eternal Flame)

Blue Female,
extremely flashy & clear blue color
Sorry, She's taken...
"Stinker" (or super brat!)

Tricolor Female
Smallest pup, collar on Right side
Sorry, She's taken...
(Snovali Private Dancer)

Tricolor Female
thin collar on Left side
Keeping her

Tricolor Female
Wide collar on Right side, meets white on leg
Sorry, She's taken...
Click here to see pictures at nearly 4 weeks old.
Click here to see pictures at 1 and 11 days old.

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