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About Snovali

Snovali Shelties & Toy Poodles is owned by Linda B. Kepner (me) and is dedicated to breeding sound dogs. I work with Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) and Toy Poodles in AKC & UKC Conformation competition.  I also handle multiple other breeds as the opportunity arises.

Linda & "Donna" 5/2016

Linda & "Vicky" 4/2016

Linda & CH "Redman" 10/2016

Linda & CH "Trinket" 6/2016

Snovali came to be because I felt that I could contribute to my favorite breed: Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties). I grew up with Shelties as a "kennel hand" for my mom. I currently own or co-own a few Shelties. I am dedicated to breeding sound (in both mind and body) dogs to compete in both Conformation and Performance events, as well as be wonderful house pets.

Snovali was established in 1994.

All of the dogs living with me take turns in the house and are raised and treated with TLC.  I feed a very high-quality food to my dogs, they have better nutrition than I do!  I am feeding all my dogs a species appropriate diet of raw meat, bones and organs, based on the "prey model".

For those of you who wonder WHY I chose to switch to feeding raw for my dogs, here are two articles that give some very good reasons for feeding raw:

Article: "Dogs Are Carnivores"

Excerpt from "Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food"

I have other links to information on feeding raw on my "Links" page.

Between my Mom and myself, we have several cats here also... Click here if you would like to see them...

A little bit about me: my name is Linda Kepner, I have been "in dogs" since I was in diapers. I  graduated college with a BS degree in Informatics (Information Systems). a.k.a. COMPUTERS, but I am currently working as a professional handler on the weekends and a mobile pet groomer during the week. I found this to be much more rewarding for me. I also manufacture paracord show leads and collars, as well as do some custom embroidery and web design. 

I am also very artistically inclined, I sew, draw, paint, do needlework, custom embroidery, pedigree research, web design, photography, and have also been known to cook on occasion (and I do it well also). My dogs take turns sleeping in the bed with me at night and are all TOTALLY spoiled (is there any other way to have them?).

Dog clubs & Interest Groups I am or have been a member of:
Take The Lead
American Sporting Dog Alliance
(Professional Member)
National Animal Interest Alliance
(Supporter Member)
Since our move, I haven't yet become a member of the local dog clubs...
Still working on that!

Linda B. Kepner
Dorr, MI (near Grand Rapids, MI)


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